Streamlines your assessment and development centres

Running your assessment and development centres using e-Valuate® on iPads or laptops will revolutionise your assessment process, saving you time, money and resources. What’s more, you’ll be able to gather and analyse all of your data in one place to generate powerful evidence for validity, benchmarking and evaluation.

Why use e-Valuate?

Our system is designed to hold your organisation’s competencies, indicators, assessment materials, interviews and timetables.

Streamline marketing

Once e-Valuate is set up, feedback comments will be automatically populated based on the assessor’s scores.

Ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day

Track your timetable and see live scores as they come into the system.

Increasing governance and security

Hold all of your materials within the system so that they remain consistent and secure behind password protection.

Quality control

Easily cheque the quality of your assessors’ scores and write-ups.

e-Valuate in action

e-Valuate is a professional online system which:

  • Stores all of your assessment centre materials in one place
  • Semi automates feedback to reduce assessors’ time and make feedback writing easier
  • Automatically gathers all of the scores ready for the wash-up
  • Generates automatic feedback reports
  • Stores all of your assessment centre data in one place
  • Collates and export data over multiple assessment centres to conduct analysis

“The day was seamless with e-Valuate and ran brilliantly. Moving forward this system is certainly going to save us time and the feedback that it provides the candidates with is fantastic!”

– Lynda Jackson Early Careers Recruitment Team, Tesco

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