Printing Guidelines

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AC-EXS® printing guidelines & copyright

Before printing your exercises, please take note of the following:

Check your printer

Please check that your printer is working, and has toner, ink and paper. We recommend that you print a test page before printing your Exercise documents.

Don’t print double sided

Printing double-sided is not recommended for any Exercise documents.

Print in colour

Exercises should always be printed in colour.

Use thick, white paper

We recommend that you print on paper with a thickness of 120gsm, and make sure not to print on paper with a thickness lower than 100gsm (check the paper packet to find this information). Using thinner paper may result in your participants being able to see the Exercise content through the cover. Please also note that Exercises should only be printed on white paper.

Don’t copy or amend Exercises

Photocopying or electronic transfer of the whole or part of Exercise documents is breaking copyright law. All rights reserved. Please refer to our AC-EXS Terms & Conditions on the Terms of Use page.

Conditions for more information

If you experience any problems or you have any questions about printing, please call our Client Services team on +44 (0)1483 752 900 or email