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We redesigned our training courses and we have included the Emotional Intelligence training portfolio.

Find out the new Accreditation in Ability and Personality (formerly Level A&B) and the new Centre Design & Management course. You can also book the Core and Advanced Assessor Skills, the 16pf Qualifying training, and many more.

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Customer Story: Mylan

Learn how PSI helped Mylan create a Global Sales Manager Bootcamp with online business simulation technology.

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Customer Story: The Linux Foundation

Anywhere, Anytime Linux Certification powered by PSI’s Online Proctoring Technology.

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Customer Story: The Civil Service

The Government Recruitment Service made the decision to improve the quality of selection decisions across the Civil Service through more efficient sifting of applications. Find out how they saved over £3.5M in resources needed to fill over 1,200 vacancies.

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Webinar: Revolutionise your assessment and development centres through an online experience

Discover the benefits of moving your assessment and development centres online to provide an engaging candidate experience.

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