Language Testing

Today’s increasingly competitive and global workplace, along with growing security challenges, have raised the stakes for language testing. At PSI, we are aware that to meet business needs and stay ahead of the market, organisations need to deliver high-stakes tests to candidates anywhere and anytime, whilst complying with international security standards.

As technology leaders in Certification, we work closely with commercial programmes, educational establishments and government regulatory agencies to create, deploy and report on high-stakes language tests around the world. Our end-to-end solutions, paired with innovative and secure delivery options, will allow you quickly to develop and scale your language assessment programme.

A Comprehensive Approach to Test Security

The higher the stakes, the greater the security threat. With experience working with customers across five continents delivering assessments in over 20 languages, we understand that protecting against theft and misuse of intellectual property is imperative to the integrity of your test results and business success.

As a provider of choice for hundreds of organisations worldwide in a variety of industries, PSI offers a holistic approach to security that is present throughout the assessment cycle. This is inherent in our test design, delivery and monitoring, and secure testing platform, helping organisations anticipate, deter, and detect malpractice. We maintain our security services to the most stringent international standards, including ISO27001 and GDPR compliance, to offer assurance and protect the availability and confidentiality of test and candidate data.

PSI’s state-of-the-art remote proctoring locations combine the latest testing technologies to deliver the highest standards of invigilation, while addressing your candidate’s expectations and needs

Your Content Expertise – Our Technology

By offering our proven test platform on a Platform as a Service (PaaS) we can combine your content expertise with our technology capability to deliver tests that enhance the candidate experience without compromising validity.

The platform allows you to manage all aspects of the test life-cycle, from development, to delivery, to analytics. At PSI, we understand that item and test life-cycles are iterative and interrelated, so we’ve worked hard to make sure item creation, banking and test generation are highly intuitive to item writers and exam authors. Our sophisticated, multi-lingual, item banking capabilities provide efficient management of item banks across multiple tests, content areas and locales. Comprehensive metadata organisation and user-defined test blueprints ensure that items are efficiently managed. Whilst our powerful, graphical workflow configuration tool gives you complete control over content creation, review and publishing.

Breakthrough Technology to Help You Reach Candidates Anywhere, Anytime

PSI’s global test centre network present in 160 countries, which combined with PSI Bridge’s flexible remote proctoring platform, allow you to reach candidates securely wherever they are.

New and emerging technologies and changing candidate attitudes toward anywhere, anytime testing have reshaped the way organisations deliver language assessments. With a range of biometric identity validation services, and the option to use both live or ‘record and review’ remote proctoring, language tests are securely deliverable anywhere, increasing candidate satisfaction, reducing time-to-market, and expanding global reach.

Reading, writing, speaking and listening questions can easily be integrated into your test, providing you with a complete view of the candidate’s performance. Used in over 11 million high-stakes tests, these complete assessments ensure your candidates’ language skills are accurately measured.

Tried and Tested Solutions

PSI has already helped assessment businesses build and scale their global language testing with best of-breed components throughout the test life-cycle. Organisations like the Oxford University Press (OUP) have partnered with PSI to manage their language testing programmes.

With access to development of items and tests, secure registration of test takers, flexible delivery on a variety of devices, including use of biometric security, and a rich suite of reporting and certification options, you too can ensure the success of your assessment programme.

A Flexible, Scalable and Easy-to-Use Cloud-Based Solution

Every day, 1,000s of candidates, irrespective of their language or location, use our trusted technology platforms and test centre network to complete their exams.

Our unified interface for registration and bookings enables candidates to schedule exams in any modality from a single portal, providing a consistent experience, whilst ensuring the storage of candidate registration and booking data from a single system.

Our infrastructure enables companies to work seamlessly with partners globally to create and deliver tests, without worrying about hardware, upgrades, or maintenance expenses. Managed within a localised, multi-tenanted environment configurable with granular role-based access at all levels, you can easily create a defensible language certification program and deploy it globally. With our flexible, scalable solutions, you can start small with room to grow.