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To thrive in today’s competitive online education climate, institutions need to leverage technology in a way that improves and enhances the learning experience. PSI offers the most complete solution set for assessing the online learner at every phase of the education lifecycle.

Applications & Services for Higher Education

Infinitely flexible. Comprehensive. Incredibly powerful. Our applications are designed to meet your institution’s unique needs.


The foundation of every assessment starts with psychometrics. PSI’s team of world-class psychometricians bring unique breadth of experience and expertise in providing services and solutions for item authoring, item banking, and automated test assembly and management to help you build meaningful assessments.

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The PSI ATLAS® system is an end-to-end technology platform for the capture and delivery of education testing information. This proprietary platform includes a database management system and the capability to conduct all test development, administration, certification, auditing, and reporting features securely and reliably through a web-based solution.

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Assuring the integrity of assessments is imperative to safeguarding credential value. PSI Proctoring provides full-service proctoring delivery options to enable institutions to offer the perfect exam-taking experience – using any proctoring method they choose — from On-Demand and Live Remote Proctoring to Secure Testing Kiosks and Global Test Centers.

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Digital Badges

Digital badges & certificates are an effective way to represent accomplishments such as knowledge, competency, participation, or the completion of an education credential. PSI is the right solution for institutions that want to create their own custom employer-recognized badges & certificates and protect the integrity of credentials issued with robust security and verification capabilities.

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Soft Skills

Employers say soft skills like problem solving, initiative and reliability are what they desire most in job candidates, yet they also say those are the employability skills most lacking in today’s job-seekers. For educators, these are the most difficult skills to assess and teach. PSI brings over 65 years of science and cutting-edge technology together in a single platform that makes it easy for institutions to assess, develop and certify soft skill proficiency.

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“Once my students had been given the option of using RPNow, 80% choose RPNow because of its convenience. It has been an extremely helpful system, making our courses truly online. The success of this system at UAA is due in part to the technology itself as well as the excellent customer service. I will continue to use this system and hope that it will become a continued fixture within the university system.”

– Dr. Anne Bridges, Faculty, University of Alaska – Anchorage


PSI is here to help you succeed. Use PSI’s 24 hour customer support or access the PSI Client Portal to get the most from our solutions.

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PSI offers a portfolio of services that span the lifecycle of our RPNow platform, from initial deployment to ongoing adoption of new products and features..

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Privacy & Security

PSI takes the privacy of all its stakeholders with the utmost of seriousness and is committed to protecting the privacy of both visitors and users of our site and services.

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RPNow University

Need a hand getting up and running with RPNow? We’re here to help. RPNow University has what you need to help you launch a successful RPNow rollout.

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