Entrance Exams

Learning institutions need to test, train and qualify the next generation of professionals in an increasingly global marketplace, and they rely on entrance exams to measure, assess and identify the desirable skills, traits and abilities of prospective learners. At PSI, we are aware of the industry’s need to improve their testing platforms, whilst securely delivering defensible high-stakes tests to candidates anywhere, anytime. For over 70 years, we have helped learning institutions worldwide stay ahead of industry trends, ensure the integrity of test results, manage risks, and enhance candidate satisfaction.

Innovative Technologies for Accurate, Accessible Tests

Our clients need to cover a large scope of assessment topics, so we provide a rich and innovative battery of item types that allow you to test everything from functional skills and language testing, to digital, soft skills and psychometric assessment. Our long involvement in the science of test development and psychometrics makes us the ideal partner to help you move toward a more engaging and informative testing programme.

As well as our global test centre network, PSI Bridge, our remote proctoring solution, combines anywhere and anytime testing convenience with the need to maintain secure test delivery conditions. Remote proctoring allows you to include reading, writing, speaking and listening items, and deliver the test to your candidate’s device globally.

From our patented secure testing kiosks, to virtualized test environments, biometric requirements, and broad range of test creation and item selection models, our various delivery options support everything from ultra-high stakes exams to formative assessments.

Agile Solutions to Meet Your Changing Needs

Institutions need an easy-to-use, reliable and flexible test platform that improves their ability to measure and assess learners. Every day, 1,000s of candidates, irrespective of their language or location, use our trusted technology platforms and test centre network to complete their exams.

We enable institutions to access and work seamlessly with any student audience globally, and to create and deliver tests without worrying about system infrastructure, client installs or maintenance cycles. With our flexible and localisable infrastructure, you can increase speed-to-market, reduce costs and risks, and grow easily.

More Delivery Options with Our Cloud-based Solution

New and emerging technologies and candidate attitudes toward anywhere, anytime testing have reshaped the way institutions deliver tests. Summative assessments can now be taken securely wherever your candidates are. PSI’s global test centre network, combined with its flexible remote proctoring platform and capability for event-based testing at ad hoc locations, give you the flexibility to blend delivery channels to your precise needs and maximise candidate access and satisfaction.

Experience and Resources to Help Your Learners Succeed

Guided by our world-leading psychometrics team, our mission is to develop, support and continually strengthen your high-stakes testing programmes, and we value you as a true partner.

Over the past seven decades, we’ve amassed an extensive content library made up of hundreds of thousands of unique test items and proprietary exams. Our extensive next generation resources created by industry thought-leaders offer an array of digital skills, soft skills and talent management videos and tests to help you assess, train and certify the competencies needed by your learners.

You can access validated assessments, content from the industry’s leading publishers or your own proprietary tests, from a single, secure platform.

Supporting Your Candidates Every Step of the Way

As one of the largest assessment providers in the world, we support you through every step of the assessment life-cycle. With a full-service offering, we’re able to handle all the related candidate activities before and during the test session via our candidate portal, enabling candidates to schedule exams in any modality from a single portal, to provide a consistent experience, whilst ensuring the storage of candidate registration and booking data from a single system.

Equipped with the most responsive customer service in the industry with 24/7/365 support services through phone, live chat, or email, candidates have access to fast response times and quick issue resolution.