IT Skills

Enhancing productivity, employability and effectiveness in the workplace

The primary goal is to enhance individuals’ productivity, employability and effectiveness in the workplace.

Today’s businesses need to harness both technology and talent to drive productivity and growth through digital transformation. Effective IT skills assessment has a critical role to play in ensuring that organizations can continue to build the workforce they need to support their digital ambitions.

Science and Understanding

Organizations from across the IT spectrum trust PSI to deliver IT skills assessment, from product or vendor specific certification programs, to specialisms such as IT security, cloud services, programming or computational thinking. We also provide testing for programs which, while not directly IT related, demand IT skills within the broader competency, for instance using spreadsheets for financial modeling in accountancy programs. By raising standards through effective assessment, we’re able to enhance individual productivity, employability and effectiveness in the workplace.

Exploiting Technology to Widen The Net

When assessing IT skills, the test center model of delivery doesn’t always fit with the needs of the candidate. In a technology workspace, test sponsors need to consider new and innovative ways to provide their audience with more flexible approaches to test taking. By offering the widest possible range of choices, including our own secure test center network, delivery through third-party or customer test sites, our unique testing kiosks, remote proctoring and un-proctored delivery options, PSI can configure the optimum solution to meet the demands of test location, availability and level of security.

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