In-Application Testing

The gold standard in performance based testing for digital skills

The Gold Standard

When assessing any IT related disciplines, there are clear benefits to focusing on demonstrable skills rather than recalled knowledge so, at PSI, we are clear on the advantages of using a performance based approach that assesses skills through tasks that are meaningful, challenging and engaging for candidates.

The Closest You Can Get to The Work Environment

That’s why, for over a decade, we have pioneered the use of in-application testing where candidates are tested by completed tasks in the live application itself. As well as providing a test environment that entirely mirrors the workplace, it is an approach that focuses on the outcomes of a given task, rather than how these have been achieved. It provides a truer test of skills because candidates can use any viable method to achieve the required outcome, for instance any combination of menu options, keyboard input or context sensitive clicks. Provided the task is completed correctly, it can be judged correct.

BYOD Ready – Even For The Most Complex Applications

By removing the constraint for candidates to follow one prescribed approach in order to gain full marks, in-application testing represents a major advancement in the delivery of performance based testing for all areas of computer literacy.

Where there are challenges to providing the application on the delivery device, for instance where the test is to be delivered outside of a test center environment, or even utilizing a bring your own device approach, we can provide a virtualized test environment using a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) model.

This provides an optimized test environment where tests can be accessed in the same way as a standard desktop so the user experience is the same. However, all that is required on the candidate’s device is an appropriate browser while offering high quality performance-based testing. Centralized control of the test environment ensures a consistent user experience without the need for local configuration or application licenses on the delivery device.

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