Digital Literacy

Essential skills to live, learn and work in a digital society

Digital literacy is no longer the preserve of IT workers or even of the broader section of the workforce described as information workers. If digital literacy embodies those capabilities which fit someone for living, learning and working in a digital society, then there are few for whom it is not an essential skill. Indeed, according to the OECD, ICT in the workplace is now required in all but two occupations: dishwashing and food cooking.

Overcoming The Technology Gap

Despite the prevalent belief in there being a generation of ‘digital natives’, studies have repeatedly shown that young people have serious gaps in their knowledge of workplace ICT. Governments and global business are becoming increasingly aware that too many adults do not have the digital skills required for the modern world and that digital literacy should be considered as crucial as native language skills and maths.

Working with businesses, awarding organizations and national computer societies, PSI has been instrumental in delivering digital literacy programs across the globe to millions of candidates in over 20 languages. As well as basic and advanced computer skills, these programs cover essential areas such as information and data literacy, communication and collaboration, IT security and staying safe online.

European and International Computer Driving Licence Program

One of PSI’s most extensive and successful programs is the European and International Computer Driving Licence (ECDL/ICDL), an international certification programs that support the continuous development of ICT skills through structured training and certification. Now in its 20th year, over 14 million candidates have been certified. PSI is active in providing an end to end service comprising courseware, diagnostics and certification in 26 countries, with an exclusive presence in some of the program’s largest markets.

For more information on ECDL, please visit our dedicated microsite.

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