Digital Skills

Equip Your Workforce for Today's Technological Landscape

Pioneering Performance-Based Testing

All organizations face the challenge of how best to harness the power of the fourth industrial revolution to create long-term advantage. The need to equip the workforce with the digital skills to succeed in a rapidly changing technological landscape has never been greater. Organizations that fail to meet this challenge face a bleak future.

Digital Literacy

Working to equip individuals with the skills needed for living, learning and working in a digital society.

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In-Application Testing

Taking a performance-based approach to assessing IT skills for a truer measure of your candidate’s capabilities.

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An essential component of this is having valid and robust approaches to assessing and recognizing the knowledge, skills and competencies of individuals. With an unrivaled track record in eAssessment across all areas of digital skills including IT certification, computer literacy and information literacy, PSI has led the field for over 20 years. We are, for instance, the foremost provider of courseware, diagnostics and certification testing for the internationally recognized European and International Computer Driving License (ECDL/ICDL).

By their very nature, digital skills are ideally suited to eAssessment as they can be effectively measured using techniques that correspond directly with the workplace environment. This is true across the spectrum of activities from basic computer productivity to advanced programming skills. Given this natural bias, PSI has been a pioneer in performance based testing for IT skills, which focuses on demonstrable skills rather than recalled knowledge, particularly through our development of our uniquely effective in-application testing.