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Flexible Teamwork and Expertise Ensure PSI is the Testing Vendor of Choice for the OIC

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC) was looking for a flexible provider for insurance license exams in Washington State – an organization that would be easy to work with and focus on great customer service.

The Challenge

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In accordance with State law, any purchases of goods and services must be competitively procured. They were at the end of their allotted timeframe with the prior Licensing vendor and in accordance with state law, issued a competitive procurement in 2014 with an effective date of July 1, 2015. Jeff Baughman, Producer Licensing & Oversight Program Manager, explains some of the underlying issues and challenges; “we had a capacity issue with the test centers being filled up for long periods of time, with no resolution – no extending of hours or offering more seats at the test site.” In addition, Jeff was also looking to address test center location issues – the sites were not ideal so it was time for a change.

The Outcome

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Test takers in Washington State receive outstanding testing services, and the OIC proudly partners with PSI because of PSI’s dedication to providing excellent customer service.

Testing, licensing, and monitoring more than 158,000 individuals and businesses that sell insurance in Washington State is no small challenge. Especially as Jeff is tasked with living up to the OIC’s Mission: “We protect consumers, the public interest, and our state’s economy through fair and efficient regulation of the insurance industry.”

So, just how did Jeff ensure that the testing process is fair and efficient?

The Solution

Flexible Testing Services

PSI provides a triad of services for Washington State OIC: Fingerprinting, Test Development and Test Administration and Jeff has been particularly pleased with the culture of flexibility at PSI, saying “We have not had any requests denied, whether that’s a temporary site, whether that’s expanded hours, whether that’s opening up insurance exam content on the national side – I mean no request has been denied. So, that kind of flexibility you don’t just get with every exam vendor.”

Throughout the implementation phase, the OIC and PSI worked closely together to ensure project plans were in place and that work was scheduled in a timely way. The partnership way of working was evident at every level, as Jeff comments “I would like to mention the staff that my department actually works with… our Program Manager and the people above them, the test development level, and at the executive level have all been outstanding to work with.”

Turning Around the Test Center Experience

PSI now provides 11 Test Center locations, all highly accessible to the local populations and well managed to include extended operating hours in key locations – as Jeff explains “PSI was able to offer more test centers with expanded hours over the previous vendor.”

On-going operations run smoothly with efficient and timely communication between the OIC and PSI, in contrast to previous experience: “a lot of times we were receiving complaints from test takers who would show up and the test center would not be open, we received no advance notification that it was being closed. Since moving to PSI, we are notified in advance before we hear from any candidates, regarding a test center being closed for last minute emergency situations.” For candidates and for Jeff, this gives peace of mind that testing services run smoothly and is a living testimony of the partnership between PSI and the OIC.

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By far and away, PSI outshone the other candidates in the RFP process, seeking to address the issues we were trying to tackle with our prior vendor, so they were awarded the contract.

Jeff Baughman, Producer Licensing & Oversight Program Manager

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