Forward Internet Group

Enabling team performance through PTP

Client challenge

Growing through significant business change whilst working at pace to assess and acquire high-potential businesses, the executive team needed more flexibility in leveraging the diverse strengths of individuals to enhance problem-solving and to make the very best decisions, even under pressure.


PSI has provided coaching to several Forward executives. One particular coachee, a director of Forward, was struck by the insights gained from exploring his PSI Personality Type Profile and wanted the same for his team. Our ability to present psychological models in accessible business terms, creating immediate possibilities for change, meant we were trusted to make a difference in a day.

In meeting the brief for a short, high-impact, engaging event, we designed an online introduction to personality type, giving a knowledge base up-front and maximising time for application on the day. A dynamic exploration of how individuals differ in gaining energy, absorbing information, making decisions and interacting with the world around them was followed by reviewing the team style and how dominant preferences influenced ways of working. A further session actively modelled team problem-solving and decision-making, applying the team’s new self-knowledge to a range of real, recent experiences.


The team had several ‘a-ha’ moments during the event, recognising how an individual, getting stuck in their own preferred view of the world, could create misunderstanding or tension and spotting valuable opportunities for dialling up their use of scarce strengths in key situations in future. Participants also gained fresh confidence in their personal contribution to the team. Further along, the team has continued to thrive and has expanded its remit in the business.

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