Valid, Fair & Engaging

Over 15 Million Assessments
and Counting

We deliver over 15 million assessments globally each year and our proven test content means you can rely on valid, fair and engaging assessments. Our legacy spans 70 years and we’re proud that all of our tests are legally defensible and backed by science, delivering solutions you can trust each and every time.

Assessments Catalog

Discover valid, fair and legally defensible assessment content for the entire employee lifecycle.

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Test Development & Validation

No test developed by PSI, or used as recommended by PSI, has ever been successfully challenged in court.

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Psychometric Services

Use the best psychometricians in the field to guide you through every stage of your test development needs.

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Proven Solutions Backed by the Science Advisory Board

PSI’s management team has the benefit of working with a Science Advisory Board to ensure that our methodologies and approaches are consistent with the highest professional standards and practices. The Board is comprised of leading experts in Measurement, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Labor Law.

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