PSI Executive Team

The PSI Executive Team is comprised of innovative and experienced testing professionals and business leaders committed to providing clients, candidates, and job seekers with high quality testing experiences that advance their workforces and careers.

Executive Team

Steve Tapp - PSI

Steve Tapp

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Dean - PSI

Paul Dean

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Celeste - PSI

Peter Celeste


Steve Tapp - PSI

Janet Garcia

President, International

Doug Winneg - PSI

Doug Winneg

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Ian Necus - PSI

Ian Necus

Chief Information Officer

Debra Domeyer - PSI

Debra Domeyer

Chief Technology Officer

Brett Greenwood - PSI

Brett Greenwood

Chief Operating Officer

Senior Leadership Team

John Weiner - PSI

John Weiner

Chief Science Officer

Chris Small - PSI

Chris Small

Senior Vice President, Talent Management

Alon Schwartz - PSI

Alon Schwartz

Senior Vice President, Licensure

Rory McCorkle - PSI

Rory McCorkle

Senior Vice President, Certification & Education Services

David Annunziata - PSI

David Annunziata

Senior Vice President, Federal Solutions

Alicia Allegrini - PSI

Alicia Allegrini

Vice President, Customer Experience

Luiza Cortezian - PSI

Luiza Cortezian

Vice President, Marketing

Marisa Yukich - PSI

Marisa Yukich

Vice President, Human Capital

Charlie Koop - PSI

Charlie Koop

Vice President, Solution Management

Name - PSI

Jenni Ginsburg

Senior Director, Sales Operations