Results Reporting

Delivering Instant Score Reports & Feedback

PSI provides reporting options that can be tailored for the individual needs of a certification program. We can deliver immediate score reports and diagnostic feedback upon exam completion or issue a client-specific notification. Clients have access to a secure online reporting tool with 24/7 access to candidate information, examination statistics, and reports.

Reports to Candidate

If immediate score feedback is allowed by the client, candidates will be presented with examinations scores on the computer screen immediately following the examination. PSI also provides a hard copy of the score report to each candidate immediately following completion of the examination. Score reports contain total number of items answered correctly, the number required to pass, the pass/fail status, a diagnostic report, and instructions for re-applying for an examination, as applicable.

All score reports are printed on secure, tamper-proof paper with the candidate’s photo and will be ready by the time candidates exit the testing room, if utilizing a PSI test center.

If the client does not wish to issue score reports at the test center, a notice of completion can be provided.

Reports to Client

Clients will have access to PSI’s Partner Site through ATLAS®. PSI customizes the Partner Site for each client’s requirements, and can create a personalized, specific experience. The Partner Site gives our clients secure access to candidate information, examination statistics, and reports (summary reports and individual candidate score reports). While PSI is fully committed to producing and delivering required reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, we understand that it is sometimes beneficial for our clients to have direct access to the data. Using the Partner Site is very simple and requires only a brief, five-minute orientation from a PSI staff member. Clients will be given access codes and passwords, and access to the site is available through standard web browsers.

A variety of reports can be generated using client-specified start and end dates, enabling clients to query information for a day, week, month, or for the entire length of the testing program. Each report is automatically formatted using Adobe Acrobat so that the files can be printed, saved, or emailed to staff. Clients can monitor scheduling data, including a listing of examinees approved to test, scheduled test sessions, cancelled test sessions, no show sessions, and completed test sessions. Authorized users can access all necessary data at PSI’s Report Access Site from any computer with internet access. Multiple users can be assigned access to the information, which may be more convenient than printed reports. The Partner Site is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.