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Authenticate, Proctor and Protect: Deliver secure, flexible and convenient testing with PSI’s online proctoring platform – PSI Bridge.

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What is PSI’s online proctoring solution?

PSI provides certifying organizations with a market-leading, secure alternative to traditional on-site testing methods. Our experienced, trained proctors are supported by the latest technology, the PSI Bridge online proctoring platform, to:

  • Accurately authenticate the test taker’s identity
  • Easily prevent, identify, and report possible misconduct during tests
  • Directly answer any questions or concerns from test takers in real time

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What can PSI’s online proctoring do for you?

Over 70 years’ experience means PSI has expertise across virtually every sector, delivering tests that are fair, valid and reliable. PSI Bridge skillfully balances your desire for a great candidate experience and the importance of maintaining end-to-end test integrity and security.

Uniting state-of-the-art technology with professional online proctors, we are pioneers at evolving and adapting effectively to ever-changing times and attitudes.

Flexibility, ease of access and security are key pillars of our success story. Ensure optimum security when:

  • Proctors do not remotely access the test taker’s machine, which reduces risk for your organization and the test taker.
  • The test taker displays their valid photo ID via webcam and uploads a selfie and a room scan.
  • A member of our fully-trained team confirms the test taker is who they say they are.
  • A proctor who has been thoroughly trained in your test specifications observes the test remotely in real time.
  • PSI Bridge prevents copying/pasting and accessing prohibited applications and websites.
  • AI technologies assist human proctors in detecting any malpractice, while not replacing the human element of proctoring a test.

What are the different online proctoring options?

We know that every organization has different requirements when it comes to security, candidate experience and scalability. PSI is committed to precisely understanding our client’s needs and sharing their goals.

You’ll be able to choose from two different online proctoring options. As well as a flexible multi-modal approach that offers a blend of services.

Live online proctoring

Record & review proctoring
Highly secure and scalable for organizations A step-up from un-proctored and cost-effective for organization
Convenient for candidates Flexible for candidates
A candidate schedules a test in advance and is monitored by a trained PSI proctor live during their test. Single sign-on and live chat assure a seamless and supported experience. A live proctor is able to handle and report any suspected rule violations. A candidate can take their test on demand. The test session is recorded and reviewed later by a trained PSI proctor.

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PSI’s online proctoring solution works seamlessly with any test delivery system and supports every phase of test development – from creation to results review. Find out more about our online proctoring platform – PSI Bridge.

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Questions about online proctoring?

We know that you’ll have questions when considering the move to online proctoring. So we’ve prepared some resources to help.

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We wanted a partner who can deliver exams anywhere, anytime without someone having to go to a physical testing center. The gap in the market was ‘access’ and PSI was committed to delivering exams in real time, online.

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