Multi-Modal Test Delivery

Organizations need a flexible, secure approach to computer-based testing

Why choose multi-modal testing?

Most credentialing organizations operate in a highly competitive and constantly changing environment. The ability to extend your reach, expand your markets and drive revenue opportunities is essential for future success. In these challenging conditions, a flexible approach to online testing is vital.

With a multi-modal solution, candidates are able to access assessments from a range of options:

At a physical test center

In their own home

At their place of work

At a temporary testing location

Depending on the specific needs of your testing program, assessments can be delivered with:

  • On-premise proctors at a testing location
  • Professional remote proctors, for either live or record & review proctoring
  • Flexible combinations of these technologies and testing locations

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Is testing comparable across different modalities?

PSI has been delivering multi-modal testing since 2016 with many leading organizations, so this form of testing is not a recent trend. However, many credentialing organizations adopted multi-modal testing in response to COVID-19. This gives us an unprecedented ability to examine trends across multiple programs. The large-scale migration to online assessment provides a wealth of data that strongly supports the adoption of multi-modal testing. Clearly demonstrating:

  • The overwhelming majority of candidates are interested in multi-modal options
  • Satisfaction ratings remain high, regardless of the modality selected
  • Mean scores and pass rates are comparable across modalities
  • There is no increase in malpractice across different modalities

Download our infographic to discover insights from our 2020 testing programs.

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Tried and tested solutions

Global Test Centers

Scale-up or scale-down secure high-stakes exams. Deliver consistent testing across our global testing sites.

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Online Proctoring

Offer candidates convenient testing in a system they already know. Deliver secure testing in a choice of locations.

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Online Unproctored

Deliver remote online testing in a candidate’s own home or place of work, where proctoring is not required.

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Why go multi-modal with PSI?

Over 70 years’ experience means PSI has expertise across all sector, delivering testing solutions that are fair, valid and reliable. We are pioneers at evolving and adapting effectively to ever-changing times and attitudes. Our solutions are completely customizable depending on your unique needs.

Case Studies and Customer Stories

At PSI we help our clients achieve success. Read our case studies and customer stories.


Multi-modal testing helps ISACA deliver innovative certification testing.

American Association of Critical Care Nurses

AACCN brings critical care and progressive care nursing expertise to patients.

Washington State OIC

Building the first multi-modal state licensure Insurance exam with Washington State OIC.

Questions about multi-modal test delivery?

We know you’ll have questions when considering the move to multi-modal testing. So we’ve prepared some resources to help.

laptop showing multi modal testing in 2020 infographic

Multi-Modal Testing in 2020

Download our infographic to discover insights from our 2020 testing programs.

Webinar: Going Multi-Modal With Testing In 2020 And Beyond

In this webinar, we compare modalities and share early research findings to help you develop a new test delivery strategy for the ‘new normal’.

We partner with you to decide the best solution for your unique program

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