Awarding Organisations

Today’s competitive and global workforce, along with increased security challenges, is reshaping the testing requirements of awarding organisations. At PSI, we are aware of the industry’s need to deliver high-stakes certification tests to candidates anywhere, anytime while complying with international security standards. For over 70 years, we have helped awarding organisations worldwide stay ahead of industry trends, ensure the integrity of test results, manage risk and enhance candidate satisfaction.

We offer a holistic approach to test and data security – from creation to delivery – and commit to the highest levels of compliance, so your exams are fair, valid, and reliable. Awarding organisations cover a large scope of assessment situations, and we have the expertise and solutions to help you get started and grow.

Ensuring Compliance, Protecting Test Integrity

As a global leader in Certification, we understand that administering high-stakes tests that certify candidates, whilst ensuring integrity and industry compliance standards, remains the primary goal for awarding organisations. As a provider of choice for hundreds of organisations worldwide in a variety of industries, PSI offers a holistic approach to security that is present throughout the assessment cycle. This is inherent in our test design, delivery and monitoring, and secure testing platform, helping organisations anticipate, deter, and detect malpractice. We maintain our security services to the most stringent international standards, including ISO27001 and GDPR compliance, to offer assurance and protect the availability and confidentiality of test and candidate data.

Whether organisations wish to deliver tests remotely, on-the-job, or in traditional centres, PSI understands the challenges of protecting the security of assessments while addressing candidates’ needs.

The Only Testing Partner You’ll Need – Anywhere, Anytime

PSI’s end-to-end service offers solutions from test development, to delivery, to reporting. Guided by our world-leading psychometrics team, our mission is to develop, support and continually strengthen test programmes for organisations.

Our global test centre network covers 160 countries which combined with PSI Bridge, our flexible remote proctoring platform, allows organisations to reach candidates wherever they are.

For many, growth opportunities lie beyond their domestic markets. With experience working with customers across five continents delivering assessments in over 20 languages, we know the cultural boundaries for international test delivery. We work with you to monitor, analyse and predict learner and test candidate behaviour, as well as exam programme and regulatory obligations for recognition/funding.

For awarding organisations managed from different time zones, we offer 24/7/365 ‘follow-the-sun’ candidate support as well as multi time-zone, multi-language remote proctoring, with service centres in the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions.

One Platform to Meet Any Delivery Model

New and emerging technologies have changed the way organisations deliver assessments. While traditional test centre proctored exams were the norm, enhanced security in remotely delivered exams, as well as candidate attitudes toward anywhere, anytime testing, have reshaped the way organisations deliver high-stakes certification tests.

A global leader in blended delivery options, PSI is at the forefront of the movement. Whether an organisation is looking to deliver tests to candidates in test centres, remotely, or both, PSI’s multi-modal delivery model allows awarding organisations to blend test centre delivery with a range of remote proctoring options with ease, increasing candidate satisfaction, reducing time-to-market, and expanding global reach. Delivered from a single platform, this ‘mixed economy’ model is easy to scale and manage without sacrificing test integrity.

Test Delivery to Suit Your Needs and Your Market

Each awarding organisation is unique. PSI’s flexible and scalable approach grants organisations large or small the freedom to create and deliver tests that suit individual markets. Whether you are looking to migrate from paper and pencil, implementing a hybrid model or a fully online approach, no-one is better placed to support you on the journey. PSI will provide a systematic and risk-free migration for a phased transition or ‘hard launch’.

ATLAS® Cloud allows organisations to work seamlessly with subject matter experts globally to create robust certifications. Managed within a multi-tenanted environment, organisations can deploy rapidly with simple localisation to meet their market’s needs and delivery language.

Sharing Seven Decades of Sector expertise

With over 13 million assessments delivered annually in 50 + languages throughout 160 countries, we are proudly one of the largest assessment providers in the world.

Our experience with awarding organisations’ challenges in today’s fast-changing world will help you stay ahead of industry trends. We work in partnership with you to mitigate business risks at every stage of the test cycle. PSI’s skilled team helps you sponsor, manage and navigate the transformations needed to grow your awarding organisation and articulate those critical changes to internal audiences and key stakeholders.

We aim to bring you innovative technology, trusted content, and flexible services enabling you to deliver exams that are fair, valid and reliable.