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Secure certification testing with PSI

A successful test day isn’t the end of a test taker’s journey, it is just the beginning. The launch of an exciting career, the foundation of a new skill and the start of a relationship with your organization. That’s why your test takers are at the heart of everything we do. From psychometrics excellence in test design to innovative technology in test delivery – and everything in between.

Strategic partner for rigorous test development

Your online tests need to cover the right content, and no one knows your business better than you do. We listen and apply our rigorous processes, psychometrics and technology to develop test content that is reliable and fair. Whether you want help with all or any of our test development services or test creation software – job analysis, item writing, item review, test writing, test review, item banking, item importing, subject matter expert recruitment and leadership.

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  • Prove and demonstrate competence.
  • Ensure legal defensibility.
  • Attain NCCA and ISO 17024 accreditation.
  • Follow best practice.
  • Stay ahead of test taker needs.
  • Smooth onboarding and implementation.
  • Easy item and test form management.

Power of choice with innovative online test delivery

You want to make testing easy and give your test takers every opportunity to succeed. Our convenient test delivery options include a global network of test centers, online proctoring for secure remote testing services – and the flexibility to give test takers the freedom to choose. Protect the security and integrity of your tests while delivering a smooth test taker experience from day one. All customized to your unique testing needs.

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  • Test center network across 120 countries.
  • Live Online Proctoring for continuous testing.
  • Record & Review Proctoring for testing on demand.
  • Offer test taker choice with multi-modal.
  • Customize for your own testing rules and policies.
  • Make it easier for test takers with practice tests.
test security

A holistic approach to test security

Everything we do is about delivering the best possible test taker experience. And that doesn’t need to be at the expense of test integrity. PSI’s secure certification testing combines scientific precision, cutting-edge computer based test (CBT) technology and decades of expertise to maintain test security while reducing friction and making test day easy for your test takers.

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  • Increase test security with data forensics and web crawling.
  • Protect test content with Linear On The Fly Testing.
  • Safeguard test taker privacy and data security with innovative technology.
  • Engage highly trained, supervised and audited human proctors.
test security
test taker experience

Give your test takers the experience they deserve

In a competitive environment, test taker experience is vital. Protecting your reputation and saving you time and additional effort. PSI’s proactive support and responsive 24/7 test taker assistance reduces unnecessary stress. So we have more time to work together, develop your programs and grow your organization.

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