Visit us at MEA-ATP

Muscat, Oman | 28-30 January 2020

January 7, 2020

PSI will be exhibiting and presenting at the MEA-ATP 2020, in Oman, from 28th to 30th January.

After the success of the first MEA-ATP last year in Abu-Dhabi, the conference is back for its second edition, to gather the leading voices in the assessment and education industries.

This event will bring together Ministers of Education, Representatives from government, education, and corporate sector from acrosss the region- and even across the world.

Make sure you visit us at our stand in the exhibiting hall, and join our sessions led by industry experts.

If you’d like to speak with our team at the event, please click here to arrange a meeting.

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PSI’s sessions at MEA-ATP

How to Launch a Mixed Modality Certification programme with Digital Badging, with Kaied Shawish, Certification VP at PSI Middle East

29 January | 11:15 AM | Conference Room 3

In 2018, RIPE NCC embarked on a journey to identify and evaluate ways in which a new certification and credentialing strategy for the membership could improve knowledge and drive access to skilled resources within the RIPE community. This led them to launch a new certification platform with online proctoring, where community members can take a secure exam at any time in any undisturbed environment in which they have Internet access.

This session will explore RIPE NCC’s approach to setting up this comprehensive learning assessment and credentialing programme.  In particular, one that offers participants the optimum blend of test accessibility, test integrity and highly visible certification status as a means of enhancing stakeholder value.

From research centre to test centre – real-life examples of the use of AI and VR in high -stakes testing, with Rory McCorkle, Senior Vice President, Certification and Education Services at PSI Services LLC and Che Osborne, Sales Director at Immerse

29 January | 11:45 AM | Conference Room 6

During this session, the speakers will demonstrate how we are using AI in two ways, firstly to validate and authenticate the identity of candidates during the check-in process and then establish a biometric marker for subsequent on-going automated ID verification. Secondly, to monitor candidates during record & review online proctored sessions to detect and flag suspicious behaviours during the session, which can be pinpointed and investigated by human proctors during the review process. We will then look at the use of VR as an enabler for performance-based testing to provide a more accurate measure of candidate skills whilst at the same time, creating a more engaging test experience.

Unlocking Student Potential; Career Paths and Closing the Skills Gap, with Amanda White, Managing Director at PSI Middle East

30 January | 10:00 AM | Muscat Ballroom

Psychometric tools have helped millions of students understand where their passions naturally lie and what career paths they should follow. Over the last few years, these tools have upgraded to support students further and to bridge the gap between interest and the workplace.

This session will outline how career counsellors can leverage career-relevant tools to dramatically enhance their ability to add value in a fast-changing world.

Streamlining Talent Acquisition: Efficiency vs Reliability, with Temi Duro-Emmanuel, Senior Consultant at PSI Middle East

30 January | 11:15 AM | Conference Room 6

Today’s recruiters face an increasingly competitive marketplace with tighter budgets and greater demands for efficiency than ever. Attracting and selecting top talent quickly and reliably continues to be a topic of debate which brings an array of challenges. In this seminar, Temi will share their view on how to find the right balance when you need to select talent quickly without sacrificing the quality of new hires. They’ll explore how companies can showcase their brand through quick, automated and engaging assessments whilst gaining a reliable prediction of job performance.

War for Talent in the GCC – Are We Winning?, with Amanda White, Managing Director at PSI Middle East

30 January | 12:15 AM | Conference Room 2

During this session, Amanda will review how far have we come from when the concept of Talent Management was born and what do we need to do as organisations to retain talent.