PSI Services Wins Silver for Workplace Well-Being

PSI’s Wellness Program launched in 2018 with a “Know Your Numbers Campaign,” earning “Above and Beyond” recognition from Aetna

August 30, 2019

Glendale, CA — PSI Services LLC (PSI), a global workforce solutions provider that blends best-in-class assessment content, leading-edge technology, and deep consulting expertise across the career life cycle, was recognized this summer with a Silver Workplace Well-being Award from Aetna. Created in 2017, the awards program is aimed at creating a healthier workplace for employees through innovative programs.

The PSI Wellness Program launched in 2018 with a “Know Your Numbers Campaign” and highlighted the importance of preventive care. The aim of the program was to shed light on the importance of knowing certain numbers in relation to one’s health, including blood pressure and cholesterol, how these numbers affect your overall heath, and what to do with the information once you know your numbers. PSI offered Biometric Screenings and health fairs in several offices to help employees learn their numbers and more about health.

“I am hugely excited about the Workplace Well-being Award win! One of the top initiatives for the PSI Human Capital team over the past few years has been the Wellness Program. We have offered helpful information to our employees, fun and competitive quarterly walking challenges that have now gone global, and much more,” said Vice President, Global Human Capital Marisa Yukich. “At the helm of all of this is Terri Dykstra-Tucker, Director, Benefits and Business Partner. It is truly a passion of hers. A big thank you to Terri, the entire Human Capital team, and all of PSI for its support of the Wellness initiatives.”

Aetna expanded this year’s awards program to all Aetna commercial plan sponsors in the United States with 50 to 5,000 employees. The application period was open from March 1 to April 30 and it was recommended that Middle Market customers have a well-being program in place for at least one year. The award applications were then reviewed and scored by a peer-review committee, where 41 of the applicants scored enough points to qualify for an award.

“Congratulations to all of our plan sponsors from across the country,” said Senior Wellness Account Consultant Stacia Lyman. “This recognition shows their hard work in helping promote a path to better health for their employees.”

In 2019, PSI has built on the Know Your Numbers Campaign and introduced the “PSI Wellness Rate.” This rate provides employees the opportunity to help control their medical premiums by participating in a Biometric Screening and a Health Risk Assessment. Additional Wellness Initiatives will be rolled out providing targeted programs and campaigns addressing the top health concerns facing PSI employees.

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