PSI Talent Management Acquire Innovative Learning Solutions Solvably and Digital Skills Lab from MassiveU

Award-winning collaborative eLearning platforms bring transformational tech to PSI Talent Management’s suite of solutions

February 24, 2022

Award-winning collaborative eLearning platforms bring transformational tech to PSI Talent Management’s suite of solutions

Glendale, CA, February 24, 2022 – PSI Talent Management, who has been sharply focused on staying ahead of evolving workplace needs, announces today that it has acquired Solvably, the first collaborative problem-solving platform for lifelong learners, and Digital Skills Lab (dlab), an auto-grading assessment solution that allows individuals to learn digital skills in Microsoft and other computer applications, from MassiveU.

According to the ATD 2020 State of the Industry Report, organizations who offer training and development programs have 218% higher revenue per employee and 24% higher profit margins. And, in a rapidly evolving world of work, e-Learning is on the rise due to a dramatic increase in the number of remote workers.

In today’s hybrid work environment, critical thinking, learning agility, and social, collaborative aspects of work performance continue to be important, based on 2021 research by PSI Talent Management. A truly powerful L&D program must also evaluate how and when employees work differently in person versus virtual, and even how nuances and different virtual environments may elicit different ways of working. This is why it’s critical to ensure that virtual learning programs are driving behavior change in engaging, innovative ways.

PSI Talent Management’s psychological expertise paired with Solvably’s inspiring technology introduces the learning and development market to a novel and engaging way of driving behavior change. Solvably brings collaboration and real-world problem solving into an active virtual learning environment with competency-based, measurable learning outcomes. With dlab, learners can hone digital skills and expertise in Microsoft Office, for example, virtually and in real time through the in-app learning platform that integrates with existing learning management systems. Since dlab provides real-time feedback as learners work through a document or program, workers can truly learn by doing.

Solvably and dlab will enhance PSI Talent Management’s AIM Learning System by allowing organizations to approach the learning and development process from a different angle, building beyond self-learning and bringing collaboration into the mix through a series of real-world situations. Unlike traditional e-learning solutions, the experience centers learning around solving an authentic challenge or problem and allowing organizations to evaluate and see the strengths and development areas of employees.

“There has never been a greater need to drive a deeper learning experience and lasting behavioral change for upskilling and reskilling via innovative digital collaborative and engaging experiences than now,” said Angelo Biasi, CEO and Founder of MassiveU. “We are pleased to add the differentiating value that Solvably and dlab bring to PSI’s client base as we collectively transform at scale.”

“Often, when people think about working and learning in a virtual world, they think about what may be missing in terms of social learning. Creating a collaborative learning environment that models our working world today means that being ‘distributed’ doesn’t have to mean being ‘disconnected,’” said Brad Kendall, SVP at PSI Talent Management, Americas.

“Together, PSI Talent Management and Solvably present a pioneering solution for the new challenge of distanced and spaced learning, supporting our goals to deliver world class talent solutions and better leverage our expertise and breadth of products through enhanced technology.”


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About Solvably

Solvably is a personalized, digital learning platform that supports real-world, collaborative, creative problem solving in an accessible, user-friendly, and easy-to-author environment. With this innovative experience and a comprehensive content library of standards-aligned challenges, teachers, learners, and professionals alike can improve longitudinal workforce readiness and learning outcomes while building upon the 21st Century competencies of critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Solvably is deployed as a stand-alone platform or as an API-integrated application to enhance other platforms, systems, or applications.


About Digital Skills Lab

Digital Skills Lab (dlab) is a self-grading, in-app platform that helps individuals learn computer applications. Students receive real-time feedback as they type a document, calculate a spreadsheet, or create a presentation. Teachers manage classes and lessons with easy-to-use instructor tools. Districts and schools administer a scalable platform that easily integrates with existing learning management systems.


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