PSI Services to Partner with Q5id for Proven Identity Management in Higher Education

May 21, 2020

Glendale, CA – PSI Services LLC (PSI), a leading provider of secure online proctoring and skills assessments in higher education, today announces a partnership with the Proven Identity Management platform, Q5id, to launch an all-new multi-factor enrollment solution for combating financial aid fraud.

Located in Beaverton, Oregon, Q5id is a leader in proving both digital and real-world identities using mobile applications, image recognition, and high assurance identity assessments. Q5id’s multi-factor biometric enrollment and authentication application is designed to provide end-to-end identity security for transactions at the highest level.

“Schools that adopt a proactive approach to deterring financial aid fraud gain significantly by authenticating students before funds are disbursed,” said Doug Winneg, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for PSI Services. “Given PSI’s legacy of securing assessment delivery and online proctoring for educational institutions, we share the same mission-driven goals as Q5id in pioneering premier solutions to better the safety and security of our customers.”

Aimed at educational institutions who want to prove that students are who they say they are, Q5id streamlines and simplifies identity authentication. Q5id offers eight-factor identification, including facial biometric and palm scans, voice recognition, identity and fraud database assessments, and a live video interview. The cumulative effect of the biometric enrollment process is that an identity can be proven to near certainty.

“Our eight-factor verification process goes well beyond today’s common two-factor authentication, which is already out-of-date and unable to prevent fraud,” said Steve Larson, CEO and Founder of Q5id. “Partnering with PSI Services will enhance the availability of proven biometric enrollment and authentication at colleges and universities across the globe to reduce testing and financial aid fraud.”

Once a student has enrolled in Q5id, their identity has been proven and their record cannot be replicated. The Q5id solution uniquely relies on who a person is, not just on what they have – a Social Security Number or a driver’s license, for example, which can be stolen or replicated – to authenticate them in future transactions.

PSI empowers educational institutions with the ability to offer secure and effective assessment delivery. From identity management and multi-modal proctoring to reporting and analytics, PSI’s solutions provide the highest levels of security to ensure the integrity of digital learning. More than 450 schools rely on PSI for the technology, expertise, and services needed to provide a world class testing experience and support growth.


About PSI

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About Q5id

Q5id’s mission is to provide consumers and businesses with the most robust Proven Identity Management solution available. Through a comprehensive, powerful, and frictionless biometric enrollment and authentication process, Q5id meets every customer and proves their digital identity is secure, preventing identity theft and fraud. Founded in 2019, Q5id is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. Visit

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