PSI Services Launches National Barber and Cosmetology Program for Licensure

September 2, 2020

Glendale, CA – PSI Services LLC (PSI), a global workforce solutions provider of best-in-class assessment content and comprehensive Licensure Program services, today announces the launch of their National Barber and Cosmetology Program with examinations for all barber and cosmetology related disciplines.

Aimed at practitioners seeking to become licensed Barbers, Cosmetologists, Manicurists, Estheticians, Hair Braiders, Waxing Technicians, Classroom Facilitators, Electrologists, or Hairstylists within the United States, PSI’s National Barber and Cosmetology Program will allow state governments and regulatory boards to assess these practitioners’ skills in infection control and public safety, and the salons in which these services are performed, to the highest level.

“I am often asked to work with states, testify to lawmakers, and speak to the industry about the crucial relationship between licensure and public health and safety,” says Leslie Roste, BSN, RN, National Director of Industry Relations and Education at BlueCo Brands. “Given the current viral ecosystem, it is more evident than ever that proper health and public safety protocols are necessary to protect clients and licensees throughout the professional beauty industry. It is good to see PSI develop a battery of written and practical examinations that base licensure assessment exclusively on the safety aspects of the techniques necessary to be both skilled and safe. This is a win-win for the public, the states, and the professional licensees.”

PSI’s National Barber and Cosmetology Program examinations ensure that licensure candidates have completed the necessary training and successfully passed a written and practical examination as mandated by their state. These examinations further require candidates to demonstrate that they possess the knowledge and basic skills necessary to protect the public’s health and safety, including a rigorous focus on infection control and tool safety. After successfully passing their PSI examination, individuals are granted the applicable license by the governing body in their state.

“PSI’s experience providing Licensure Programs at the state level has sharpened our expertise in delivering quality assessment content and tools to governing organizations,” says Alon Schwartz, Senior Vice President of Licensure at PSI. “In today’s world, regulation of valuable licenses can be based solely on the techniques and talents of the individual examinee. We have gone to great lengths to inspire examinations that deal with assessing educated students on effective infection control, workplace safety, the use and storage of dangerous and toxic chemicals, and the secure use of the tools they operate every day.”

PSI’s National Barber and Cosmetology Program contains written and practical examinations to ensure standards for competent practice, such that candidates who pass these examinations have enough knowledge and experience to practice safely and competently. Each item in PSI’s National Barber and Cosmetology Program is carefully researched and validated to ensure accuracy and consistency with entry-level practice.

Examinations are guided on an ongoing basis by a dedicated Industry Advisory Board, selected for their wide operational knowledge and industry expertise. The examinations also comply with the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing prepared by the American Educational Research Association, The American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education. Examination security is a critical component of maintaining the validity and integrity of PSI’s National Barber and Cosmetology Program. “It is the responsibility and duty of PSI and our state partners to protect the integrity of the examinations and their related materials,” adds Schwartz. “It is vital that all parties are confident in the evaluation and subsequent licensing of qualified and competent practitioners.”

PSI’s National Barber and Cosmetology Program is designed to ensure the protection of examination materials and the accurate reporting of candidate scoring data from the moment of delivery to the time of the completion of the examination. Proper test development and psychometric procedures are employed to make certain that no candidate enrolled in PSI’s National Barber and Cosmetology Program is at an advantage or disadvantage. PSI’s full array of barber and cosmetology examinations are available in English, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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