PSI Provides Exams to ETCP Certified Technicians, Deemed Essential Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

ETCP Certified Technicians Methods Adapted to Support Building of Emergency Field Hospitals

April 23, 2020

The global Coronavirus outbreak has impacted every industry in ways we’ve never experienced. Organizations, individuals, and companies around the world are taking actions to ease this impact by making agile shifts to manufacture and distribute medical equipment, PPE, food, and help in other generous and creative ways.

PSI client, the Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP), and its Recognized Employer, Proof Productions LLC, have both a skilled workforce and equipment available, due to the industry-wide shut down. Together, they’re adapting a formula designed by the Army Corps of Engineers to provide health-care workers a more dynamic space. Implementation of rigging and lighting techniques will be used to create temporary structures that will give health care personnel exactly what they need to operate most efficiently.

As the long-time testing provider to ETCP, PSI recognizes the magnitude of impact that ETCP’s certified technicians are making by dedicating their resources and expertise to this creative and critical initiative. To ensure that technicians are able to obtain the necessary certifications, PSI test sites have been made available throughout this time.

Michael Barnes, IATSE International Vice-President and Business Agent for Local 8 said, “We felt like we had to do something to help. If you are helping you can’t feel helpless, and that is not where we want to be. IATSE Locals across the country are contacting governors state-by-state to offer their expertise in the installation of temporary structures to assist in the development of emergency field hospitals for COVID-19. The fact that we can use our skills to help save lives in a time of crisis boosts the morale of IATSE Locals across North America. If we can spread the word about how we’re helping, our hope is that technicians in other communities will have the same opportunity.”

Read more about ETCP’s efforts in their press release, here.

PSI’s test sites that do reopen for such essential businesses will strictly follow the health and safety and social distancing guidelines enacted by the CDC and local governments. To ensure the safety of candidates and test administrators, the following guidelines will be enforced:

  • High-touch areas throughout the sites will be sanitized after every use
  • Hand wipes and sanitizer will be available to candidates, staff, and administrators
  • Candidates are permitted to wear their own gloves and face masks
  • Exams can be rescheduled for health-related issues without penalty

To uphold PSI’s rigorous security processes, face masks and gloves will need to be removed during check-in to verify the identity of the candidate, take their photo, and allow the Test Center Administrator to ensure there is no writing or hidden materials in or on them. Similarly, these items will be examined during the check-out process to ensure test security.

“PSI was honored to serve the ETCP and their stakeholders by ensuring that testing for professional technicians was made possible in this difficult time,” said Rory McCorkle, Senior Vice President of Certification Services at PSI. “We’re confident that the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience required of certificants confirms their deep desire to provide for the health and safety of the public. Every day, ETCP certificants prove that they’re the best technicians for their roles.”

Read more about what PSI is doing in light of the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) here.

Press Contact:

Claire McCue
PSI Services LLC