PSI Announces New Partnership with NCARB for Exam Administration Services

September 15, 2020

Glendale, CA PSI Services LLC (PSI), a global workforce solutions provider of best-in-class assessment content and comprehensive certification program services, has announced a new partnership today to provide exam delivery services for the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB).

NCARB, a global leader in architectural regulation, develops and administers national programs for candidates pursuing architectural licensure and helps architects expand their professional reach. PSI will deliver the test administration services for NCARB’s multi-divisional program, the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE 5.0®). The ARE is used by U.S. jurisdictions as the registration examination for candidates seeking architectural registration.

As part of this move, NCARB will be leveraging PSI’s multi-modal testing format with access to PSI’s Global Test Center Network and Live Remote Proctoring services through the PSI Bridge™ platform. PSI will also be providing NCARB with tools to make their candidate experience seamless by allowing candidates to perform the registration, scheduling, and results process all on the NCARB website and systems.

“Through our new partnership with PSI, NCARB will continue to provide candidates with the flexibility to choose between online and in-person appointments, while maintaining the ARE’s rigor and security,” said NCARB CEO, Michael J. Armstrong. “Our organizations share a strong commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for both candidates and the 55 architectural licensing boards, as well as the continued exploration and adoption of the latest testing technologies.”

PSI has long been a leader in the design and delivery of online proctoring solutions and continues to innovate the technology for both low and high stakes testing globally. PSI Bridge provides online proctoring with customizable test security, lock-down browser capabilities, candidate identity authentication, reporting, and analytics, meaning that candidates can take professional certification exams in their own home or office in a fair and secure manner.

“It is of great significance that organizations like NCARB are making the move to a dual-modality approach to testing. We really are excited and honored to be working with such a well-established and esteemed organization,” Steve Tapp, CEO of PSI commented on the new partnership.

“We recognized early on that maintaining an ongoing positive test experience for candidates was essential to the team at NCARB. This is exactly where our focus is at PSI and we were able to demonstrate to NCARB how our reliable technology integration and high-touch candidate service provide a seamless testing experience. PSI is committed to NCARB and determining the best ways to grow their program and expand their impact on the world of architecture. We can’t wait to roll out testing in 2021 and support NCARB during this exciting transition.”


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The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) is a non-profit organization made up of the architectural licensing boards of 55 U.S. states and territories. While each jurisdiction is responsible for regulating the practice of architecture within its borders, NCARB develops and administers national programs for candidates pursuing architectural licensure and helps architects expand their professional reach through the NCARB Certificate.

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