New Snapshot report available for the Emotional Intelligence Profile

June 15, 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new report, the EIP Snapshot. The report is now available to accredited users of the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP).

What is EIP Snapshot?

We have developed Snapshot in response to feedback from our users, to provide a short and accessible EIP report which gives a quick reference to the participant’s strengths and development areas in Emotional Intelligence (EI).

The report introduces the respondent to the Emotional Intelligence framework and the scales measured by the EIP. It provides their top three strengths and top three development areas in relation to their Emotional Intelligence. Respondents are guided through a self-reflection activity in the report and provided with development suggestions to help them think through how they can build on their personal EI strengths and improve their development areas.

When would I use EIP Snapshot?

The report has been designed for respondents to read themselves, and take away without needing individual feedback from the accredited user. There are no references to EIP scale scores or norm groups which would require explanation from an accredited user in how to interpret and understand the report.

You can use this report in group workshops and other situations where it is not feasible to provide detailed feedback on a one-to-one basis. The report works particularly well as part of an introduction to the concept of EI, providing participants with some key take-aways to get them started in understanding and improving their attitudes, feelings and behaviour.

How do I access EIP Snapshot?

If you are already accredited in the Emotional Intelligence Profile, Snapshot is available to users via the Development Hub. If you are new to PSI please contact us.