Humanizing Healthcare: Developing a Leadership Climate in the NHS

December 30, 2019

Psychological safety is vital if you want to create a culture where teams are productive, engaged, and prepared to try new things. This type of leadership climate gives employees space and freedom to think, test and learn.

Organizations are increasingly looking at how they need to respond to technological change, rising consumer demands and changes in demographics and society. In a study of Fortune 1,000 companies, researchers found that employees at organizations with a growth mindset culture feel more empowered to innovate and more committed to company goals.

This growth mindset enables agile, pace and innovation, as well as improvements in customer service and product development. A key element of agility is engagement and psychological safety. So how do you set up your systems and processes in the public sector to create a culture where employees are comfortable with innovation and testing new solutions? Much of the answer lies in the leadership in organizations.

Jill Pennington, Consulting Director & Peter Clarke, Head of Product Consulting at PSI Talent Management, tell us what we need to know about how developing a leadership climate in the NHS humanises healthcare.

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