How to Develop a Leadership Culture for Innovation and Agility

August 12, 2019
With society and technology evolving faster than most businesses can adapt, organisations will need innovation and agility to remain competitive. This is against a context of increased uncertainty and complexity, causing many of us to feel anxious, confused and threatened.

Add to this the post-recession “hangover”– with a focus on cutting costs, doing more with less, and processes that seem to restrict adaptability and creativity – and the challenge is significant.

For forward thinking organisations that see this challenge as an opportunity, how is it possible to build a business culture where people are prepared to innovate, speak up and share ideas? The first step is to create a climate where everyone in the organisation feels psychologically safe.

For this to occur, L&D teams need to support leaders to change their mindset. To stop thinking they have all the answers, or they should have all the answers, and start facilitating change. Because if the fundamental concept of leadership changes, then a more adaptive, flexible and empowered workforce will come.

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