How the Healthcare Leadership Model Team can help support you – in a huge variety of ways!

by Tilly Regan, Account Team Leader, PSI

February 11, 2020

PSI are pleased to host the below in relation to the NHS Leadership Academy Healthcare Leadership Model 360 degree feedback tool

I’ve always loved working in roles where I get to talk to clients every day. I’m a talker, a people person, an ESFP, so when I get to talk to clients about a variety of different topics, it keeps my job interesting which is important for me. The Healthcare Leadership Model Team based within PSI in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, do exactly this, by helping to manage and support the use and understanding of the Healthcare Leadership Model throughout the UK. There is a pre-conception that we are a call centre, but I hope that when you’ve finished reading this blog, you will have become aware of the variety of different areas we can support you with.

For Facilitators, the Healthcare Leadership Model Team are here to support you with the following:

  • Becoming accredited as a new Facilitator
  • Queries regarding 360 reports
  • Using the Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub
  • Helping you to manage projects/cohorts
  • Advice you may need along the way

As I mentioned above, a big part of why I love my job is the variety of topics I deal with and people I speak to on a day-to-day basis. I like that the Healthcare Leadership Model is so versatile when it comes to who can use it. It hasn’t been designed to only be used by individuals in a leadership position, anyone within the NHS can use the tool – feedback from those around you is beneficial for everyone, no matter what job title you have.

How are you planning to use the Healthcare Leadership Model 360? My favourite conversation to have with people is about how they’re planning to use the 360 within programmes they are running. I attended a CPD session which was held for Facilitators in the Taunton area earlier this year, and part of the afternoon session that really stuck with me was a group conversation we had about how everyone had applied the 360 within their organisations. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is being able to introduce someone to the HLM 360 so they understand what it is and how it can be used, and to follow this through to them taking this into their organisation, have a group of people experience the tool and find it beneficial to their personal development.

Marketing the tool. I personally love getting involved in the marketing aspect of the Healthcare Leadership Model. If there’s a way to display information in a fabulous, colourful, yet professional way, the team here will find it! We’ve received feedback from Facilitators that promotional resources are not in huge supply when it comes to the Healthcare Leadership Model. This is something the team here are working to resolve with help from the NHS Leadership Academy. We want to enable more Facilitators to promote the HLM 360 to HR/L&D Departments by creating resources that help you to easily explain what the tool is, how it’s been created and how it can benefit individuals, teams and organisations.

Managed Service. Another element of my job that I personally find really rewarding is our Managed Service offering. This is a service the Healthcare Leadership Model Team provides and involves us setting up and managing a group people going through the HLM 360 on behalf of your organisation. The process begins with us having an initial conversation with you to understand the group and what you’ll be using the 360 to achieve. We then set the individuals up on the system and send through progress updates to you, so you are aware of how the group are getting on. This also means that we can make sure a Facilitator is selected for each person, and their reports are released, saving you lots of administration work and time in the process!

Becoming accredited as a Healthcare Leadership Model 360 Facilitator. The Healthcare Leadership Model Team are also a key part in the journey to becoming accredited as a new Facilitator. After an individual has attended the face-to-face training session, the Trainer sends us all the paperwork. We can then make sure you have set up your Appraisal Hub account and have completed and passed your eLearning. Once formally accredited, we then add you to our Facilitator database. To see more and more people across the country become HLM 360 accredited is fantastic. If you have any feedback on your experience of becoming trained as a Facilitator, please do let us know. We want to make sure the onboarding process is as informative and engaging as possible.

General queries from our clients. As part of our day-to-day support, we deal with queries relating to 360 reports on a regular basis, so if you are unsure of something on a report or would like clarification on something, please do let us know. If we cannot answer your question straightaway, we have several colleagues who are accredited HLM 360 Facilitators and regularly carry out training courses for Trusts up and down the country who we can ask for advice. Your questions will be answered!

Using the Healthcare Leadership Model Appraisal Hub. We also use the Appraisal Hub every day, so know the system like the back of our hands! If you are struggling to navigate your way through the system or are a newly accredited Facilitator and would like a live demo, please let us know and we can schedule in a call. This will enable a member of the team here to show and explain all elements of the system, to hopefully increase awareness of what is available to you.

Facilitator Community. And last, but most definitely not least, we work with the NHS Leadership Academy and other colleagues within PSI to look after you, our Facilitator community! This includes the Linked in community, releasing annual newsletters to help keep you up to date with any system or report updates and hosting webinars at the end of the year. I love being able to help connect Facilitators, not only with each other but with the work we do here on the Healthcare Leadership Model Team. The more we can connect the more useful we can make things like this newsletter, future enhancements to the system etc. I mentioned it earlier, I’m a talker!

Details on this year’s webinar can be found at the bottom of this newsletter so I hope to be able to speak to a lot of you then. In the meantime, please do join the Facilitator community on LinkedIn here and feel free to connect with me.