How resilience underpins employee wellbeing

January 11, 2019

Having high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been linked with improved wellbeing and resilience. With this in mind, L&D teams have an important role to play in developing collective resilience among employees through times of high pressure and disruption.

There is no doubt that stress levels in the workplace are rising. The government’s Thriving at Work report found that the number of people forced to stop work due to mental health problems was 50% higher than for physical health conditions. Analysis of the results from the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP) reinforce this, consistently demonstrating the impact of increased stress in the workplace.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Research shows that having high levels of emotional intelligence (EI) can help employees deal with stress and work more effectively.

Our Principal Consultant, Bill Davies, explains the link between EI and resilience, how to build resilience, and the importance of emotionally intelligent leadership, as well as sharing his seven key tips on surviving adversity in this TrainingZone article.

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