Enhanced Emotional Intelligence analysis tool launched

June 19, 2017

We have launched the third generation our flagship Emotional Intelligence analysis tool – EIP3.  The evolution allows organisations to select, develop and promote highly effective employees that drive a high-performance culture.

Going beyond traditional measures of personality and cognitive ability, the EIP3 tool addresses the underlying attitudes that predict how effectively someone can manage their emotions and behaviour to perform at work.

The launch of EIP3 is the result of 2 years in applied R&D and extensive trialling. This new evolution comes with three exciting developments which support improving performance at work.

Firstly, the EIP3 is powered by an enhanced questionnaire that is psychometrically more accurate and robust.  This provides practitioners with the gold standard for measuring EI at work.

Next, the EIP3 introduces two new assessment reports – each with exciting and unique features.  The new Expert Report provides insight into a person’s likely defensive habits that could undermine and derail their effectiveness.  The new Interview Guide shows a candidate’s likely competence against 10 key behaviours for performance in ‘high emotional labour’ jobs, i.e. being resilient in a sales role or inspiring others in a management role.

Finally, the EIP3 comes complete with a library of new practitioner resources and further masterclass training.  These additions enable someone new or less confident in the topic of Emotional Intelligence to become an expert in this area, able to walk into the most demanding of leadership teams knowing that they have the skills, activities and resources needed to deliver world-class facilitation in EI development.

Jo Maddocks, Chief Psychologist at PSI Talent Management and author of ‘Emotional Intelligence @ Work’, said:

“We are delighted to announce the launch of EIP3. We are very pleased that organisations can benefit from the assessment and selection enhancements, as well as understand individual’s defensive behaviours.  It represents another substantial step forwards in the assessment of Emotional Intelligence and draws upon the best of our 20+ years of experience in applying EI in business.”

 Dan Hughes, Product Director at PSI Talent Management said:

“EIP3 has been designed to meet rigorous standards of psychometric quality and we are very proud of the extensive research and development effort that has gone into creating it.  In addition to the enhanced questionnaire and new assessment reports, we have introduced an extensive toolkit, giving users practical resources to enable them to maximise the impact of EI in their organisation.”

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