Digital Transformation: Balancing AI and EI in the Digital Workplace

July 12, 2019

Our Chief Psychologist, Jo Maddocks’s article was featured on the HRZone.

“As artificial intelligence advances, it’s the human qualities of our employees that we will value the most – and those with the right mix of soft skills will be most in demand.

The attitudes and behaviours needed to thrive in the modern workplace are changing. With digital transformation, increased automation and artificial intelligence (AI), skills-based training is quickly out of date.

According to recruitment website Seek, some of the buzzwords that employers are now keen to hire for are adaptability, resilience and empathy. It’s worth noting that all of these qualities are recognised attributes of emotional intelligence (EI).

HR and L&D teams need to realise that providing skills training is no longer enough.

Mindset and the ability to manage our own emotions, and those of our colleagues, clients and customers, is equally important.”

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