A Busy And Tumultuous Year Ahead For The HR Profession In The U.K.

January 11, 2019

In this Forbes article , Karen Higginbottom explains how it’s been a busy and tumultuous year for the HR profession in the UK and Europe. The profession is grappling with the challenges of automation in the workplace, executive pay and the looming presence of Brexit on the horizon and its impact on talent management.

JCA’s Chief Psychologist, Jo Maddocks contributes his view that organisations and their leaders need to balance AI with emotional intelligence (EI), “With the rise of AI, being human is going to become more important in 2019. The increased use of chatbots and tools that use AI to handle more routine tasks mean that EI will be crucial in the jobs that humans continue to perform. As more roles are automated, employees who have high EI will be prized for their ability to make connections and support and challenge others.”

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