The Inwald Personality Inventory-2

Self-report psychological screening tool that predicts the behaviors likely to result in on-the-job failure in high-risk security/law enforcement positions

The Inwald Personality Inventory-2 is comprised of 202 true/false items and takes approximately 35 minutes to complete.   The assessment is designed to be used in post-offer selection with protective service occupations.  It measures behavior and psychopathology indicators and includes four job-relevant prediction scores.

What the Inwald Personality Inventory-2 Measures

Substance Use
Admitted Illegal Behavior
Criminal Accusations
Social Difficulties
Abnormal Thoughts
Depressed Mood
Elevated Mood
Risk-Taking Tendencies
Health Concerns

The Inwald Personality Inventory-2 Report provides scale scores normed against a protective services population.  Scale scores that are elevated are noted and it is recommended that these areas are further explored.  Descriptions for each scale are included.  Critical items are listed for follow-up evaluation.  A final estimated psychologist recommendation classification is provided.

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