The Inclusive Leadership 360

Identify and develop leadership behaviors that take team diversity to the next level.

Companies with ethnically and culturally diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to have industry-leading profitability¹, compared to more homogenous organizations.

Becoming and remaining a diverse and inclusive organization is not easy and requires organization-wide commitment and attention. During this process, a focus on leadership in essential: Leaders can have a profound impact on organizational culture and minority group members, so unless they are committed to improving diversity and embedding an inclusive culture, broader D&I initiatives a have limited chance of success.

When a company succeeds in practicing inclusive leadership employees demonstrate 81% greater engagement and loyalty².

What is Inclusive Leadership?

There is no universal definition for Inclusive Leadership; at PSI we define Inclusive Leadership as:

A leadership style which ensures individuals within their team and organization feel valued for being different but also as though they belong.

Inclusive Leadership is centered around the interpersonal elements of leadership and moves away from the more traditional notions of leadership being outcomes-focused. When you treat people the right way, as you would want to be treated, the outcomes will follow.

Take a look at this short video to hear why and how we created our solution, and the impact it can have on your organization.

The Inclusive Leadership 360

The Inclusive Leadership 360 breaks down Inclusive Leadership into concrete and observable behaviors, and has been developed to help leaders understand what Inclusive Leadership is and how they can develop to be more inclusive in the future.
The underlying model defines behaviors in a practical way through three different lenses:

  • Self: Striving to be more a more inclusive individual.
  • Relational: Striving for inclusion through one-to-one relationships and within teams.
  • Organizational: Striving for inclusion across teams and across the whole organization.

The Inclusive Leadership 360 helps you:

  • Understand how inclusive your leaders are
  • Support leaders in increasing their awareness of inclusion
  • Provide leaders with feedback for development of Inclusive Leadership behaviors
  • Create a catalyst for inclusion in your organization

¹ McKinsey & Company, Delivering through Diversity, 2018
² Shapiro Consulting and Opportunity Now, Inclusive Leadership: From Pioneer to Mainstream, 2011

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