Team Emotional Intelligence Profile

The Team Emotional Intelligence Profile is a powerful diagnostic tool for measuring team behaviors and performance in the workplace.

Developed in 2000, the Team Emotional Intelligence Profile (TEIP) was one of the earliest measures of Team Emotional Intelligence and has an exemplary track record for developing high-performing teams.

Teams using the Team Emotional Intelligence Profile will be much better able to:

  • Build supportive relationships that create climates of openness, trust and team collaboration
  • Raise energy, motivation and commitment
  • Empower other team members
  • Help team members work through conflict constructively
  • Be productive, creative and flexible
Using the TEIP can have a significant impact when teams are forming or undergoing change. The TEIP also enables teams to discuss challenges from resistance to interpersonal dynamics and will help to:
  • Measure the attitudes and behaviors that distinguish outstanding team performance
  • Unblock stuck teams by rapidly pinpointing team blind spots and development areas
  • Offer pragmatic suggestions for developing aspects which underpin the team’s performance
  • Benchmark against high performing teams and different job levels

Teams high in EI get the most from their members; they effectively balance tasks, deal with conflict and deliver outstanding results.

What is Team Emotional Intelligence and how do we measure it?

The TEIP measures Team Emotional Intelligence across six-scales, consistent with the core elements of the Emotional Intelligence Profile. The scales focus on:

  • Team Relationships: Team members who positively value and respect each other (Climate) are more likely to be open and attentive towards one another (Openness), which will lead to strong and effective relationships (Collaboration).
  • Team Intelligence: A team that is united by a shared belief and confidence (Morale) will be more motivated and engaged in whatever it is doing (Motivation) thus helping the team to perform well and achieve what it sets out to do (Effectiveness).

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Based on the Team Emotional Intelligence scales, the TEIP Report presents you with:

  • Qualitative comments from team members
  • Two separate reports; one for the team’s overall ratings and another for each team member’s ratings
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