Predictive screening assessments that measure risk factors for candidates within customer service, retail, hospitality, and healthcare

ServiceFit is a predictive, cost-effective pre-screening assessment tool that is administered at the top of the hiring funnel. It is designed to screen out high-risk applicants early on in the hiring process. This assessment is available online and can be used in conjunction with a web-based application or work with any existing application process. It is effective at identifying candidates who are considered high risk. The risk factors that are measured are all supported by research and related to job performance.

ServiceFit measures the following:
  • Quality Risk
  • Stress Tolerance Risk
  • Productivity Risk
  • Absenteeism Risk
  • Turnover Risk

ServiceFit measures “fit factors” which are used to give decision makers valuable information about a candidate’s potential motivational fit to the nature of the job. The five factors measured are skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback. The assessment provides a report containing a final recommendation for two different positions – service and sales. The report gives scores for each risk factor as well as the two job potential factors. The report also provides information about the five fit factors and gives rating descriptions on each fit factor. Additionally, it provides interview probing questions that can be used in the next stage in the hiring process.


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