Select Assessment® for Leaders & Professionals

An in-depth assessment that identifies the skills and abilities needed to succeed in a management or supervisor level in manufacturing.

This in-depth assessment contains personality, logical reasoning, and situational questions related to the professional position of interest. Individuals complete an online assessment that results in a competency profile. The profile can be used to help make decisions on the selection of new hires or as a development tool in an internal performance evaluation process. For positions requiring a more technical evaluation, the assessment can be combined with a BMAR (Basic Mechanical Aptitude and Reasoning) test. These assessments enable consistent and confident hiring and promoting of competent and motivated employees.

Two types of reports are available:
Selection Report

This report provides hiring managers with ideal score ranges on each competency and shows how the individual scored in comparison to this range. A final recommendation is provided based on how well the individual met the leadership success profile. Lastly, a set of past behavior interview questions are provided to help hiring managers probe further into key competency areas.

Insight Report

This report provides individuals with a description of their strengths and developmental areas based on their leadership competency scores. The report also describes how being at a particular competency level will affect their ability to help build and foster a strong organizational culture.

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