Select Assessment® for Leader Development

An interactive, web-based assessment used to assess candidates for professional-level leadership positions.

Select Assessment for Leader Development can be used as a screening tool for selection in the search for new hires or as a development tool in an internal performance evaluation process. This assessment measures 18 basic competencies for leadership positions and is often a piece of a larger selection system. Competencies measured are in categories such as interpersonal, leadership, thinking, and work style. These include personality, logical reasoning, conflict management, and situational questions related to the professional position of interest.

Little administrative support is needed due to on-screen instructions that guide candidates through the process and candidates have the ability to complete the assessment remotely.

Two types of reports are available:
Selection Report

This report provides hiring managers with ideal score ranges on each competency and shows how the individual scored in comparison to this range. A final recommendation is provided based on how well the individual met the leadership success profile. Lastly, a set of past behavior interview questions are provided to help hiring managers probe further into key competency areas.

Insight Report

This report provides individuals with a description of their strengths and developmental areas based on their leadership competency scores. The report also describes how being at a particular competency level will affect their ability to help build and foster a strong organizational culture.

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