A quick online assessment helping you screen out candidates least likely to be safe, dependable, and productive.

SecureFit® is a predictive assessment tool that helps companies screen out high-risk applicants for manual labor roles early in the hiring process. The assessment is quick to complete and cost-effective, making it an efficient way to objectively set screening cut-offs for both the candidate and the hiring manager.

SecureFit® is a short, 20-minute online questionnaire that measures the risk profile of future employees, focusing on these elements:

  • Safety Risk
  • Quality Risk
  • Impulsivity Risk
  • Dependability Risk
  • Attitude Risk
  • Absenteeism Risk
  • Turnover Risk

How it works

The SecureFit® assessment utilizes biographical data, plus candidates’ answers to behavioral statements, personality items, acceptability items, and situational judgment items to measure risk factors. The results are clearly laid out in a short and comprehensive report, containing scores for each risk factor, suggested interview probing questions, and a final recommendation. These results help organizations screen out high-risk candidates, and move forward with those more likely to work safely, work well with others, and be punctual.



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