SafetyDNA® Program

A suite of tools that help identify and develop psychological factors related to safe behavior in the workplace.

SafetyDNA® is PSI’s flagship safety development solution. The solution consists of a suite of online and live tools that allow organizations to understand the psychological components of their workers’ safety behaviors, and helps develop these components to optimize safety within the organization.

Watch this video to find out how understanding people’s SafetyDNA can lead to big improvements in corporate safety figures

The SafetyDNA® Program evolves around PSI’s Four Factor model of Safety, looking to understand and develop employees’ safety personality based on these factors:

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  • Control: The extent you believe you control your actions and emotions
  • Awareness: How much you see and remember your surroundings, especially when doing multiple tasks
  • Rules: The degree to which you’re inclined to follow versus bend rules
  • Caution: The level of discomfort you feel with risk-taking

Program outline

The SafetyDNA® Program starts with an Online Personal Safety Assessment, assessing the Four Factors of Safety listed above. The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and the results are displayed in easy-to-understand, development focused reports.

Follow up on the questionnaire results can vary according to your specific organizational need, but usually consists of a 60-minute classroom style follow up workshop – either live or online. The workshop aims to help participants with their understanding of their personal SafetyDNA® results and teaches them to quickly interpret their personal risk level at any given time with the help of relatable examples.

Looking for a safety assessment aimed at leaders and line managers instead? Have a look at our SafetyDNA® for Leaders development solution.





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