SafetyDNA® for Leaders Development Program

A suite of tools that measures and develops the psychological factors related to strong safety leadership in the workplace.

The SafetyDNA® for Leaders Development Program is designed to help supervisors understand and leverage the psychological factors that are vital to strong leadership in environments where safety is a key responsibility.

The SafetyDNA® for Leaders Program is filled with interactive simulations, exercises, and activities that reveal the leader’s unique safety leadership profile. The core of the development solution is the online SafetyDNA® for Leaders assessment. This 90-minute assessment looks to understand the participant’s safety leadership profiles, based on PSI’s LEAD model:

  • Lays Out a Vision: Clear, personal, and motivating
  • Embraces Change: Drives change by involving others
  • Acts as Coach: Actively listens and provides feedback
  • Demonstrates Credibility: Walks the talk, holds everyone accountable

The SafetyDNA® for Leaders assessment report provides extensive information on a leader’s safety profile and how it directly impacts the exposure of their team. This information is provided in an easy-to-read format and serves as the basis for further development.

The SafetyDNA® for Leaders assessment is often followed up by a variety of development-focused actions, allowing organizations to make the most of the initiative and really embed safety as a key foundation within the company. Possible follow-ups are:

  • Safety Climate Survey: Usually conducted before the assessments are rolled out, the Safety Climate Survey collects baseline data on key aspects of your organization’s safety culture
  • Individual Online Training: Online interactive personal safety training covering a leaders’ SafetyDNA® and talking through how this can be utilized to maximize safety
  • Onsite Training Workshop: Interactive learning experience covering key psychological traits and behaviors that impact leadership
  • One-on-One Coaching: Meet one-on-one with a dedicated PSI coach to review results and formulate your personal action plan

All these interventions are focused on developing supervisors to promote, endorse, and demonstrate safety behaviours within their team, bringing organizational safety records to the next level.

Watch this video to find out how SafetyDNA® for Leaders has helped Novelis with the engagement of their leaders with corporate safety practices:





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