PSI 360

Provide individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations with valuable feedback and kick-start development

The PSI 360 is a flexible, engaging 360 Feedback solution, providing employees, leaders and teams with a tangible starting point for development. The 360 assessments can easily be tailored to your organization’s needs and are administered through PSI’s flexible online platform, allowing participants and administrators to efficiently manage 360 degree feedback processes.

Assessment results are presented in clear, concise, and visually appealing 360 reports, that have been carefully designed to be both easy to interpret and to facilitate strong developmental conversations. Results are ideally paired with our comprehensive Personal Development Guide as a solid basis for development and action plans.

Utilize PSI’s expert content or create your own

PSI’s robust 360 platform allows for endless flexibility, ensuring the 360 Feedback solution perfectly covers your organization’s needs:

  • Off-the-shelf: Choose from our extensive library of competency-related questionnaire statements for immediate deployment
  • Personalized: Personalize statements from PSI’s competency library to reflect specific organizational nuances
  • Custom: Build your organization’s own competency framework into the PSI 360 platform

When to use the PSI 360
Clients commonly use the PSI 360 for:

  • Individual coaching and personal development programs
  • Leadership development
  • Senior executive development
  • Team development

Why choose the PSI 360?

  • Efficient and user-friendly experience for participants and raters
  • Clear, concise and accessible feedback reports to facilitate strong developmental conversations
  • High levels of flexibility and configuration to ensure the questionnaires, rating scales, instructions and languages match your organizational need
  • Time comparison reports allow development to be tracked over time
  • Interactive group dashboards facilitate analysis of team or group strengths and development areas
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