Police Selection Test (PST®)

Helps determine if the candidate has the acumen to be a successful police officer

Being a police officer requires rapid, effective decision making. Wrong decisions can be costly and put the public at risk. The Police Selection Test (PST®)  is an assessment of a candidate’s reasoning, verbal ability, and numeric ability. Key measures, including reading comprehension, quantitative problem solving, interpretation, written communication skills, and verbal problem solving, are integrated into one comprehensive exam. The Police Selection Test is based on comprehensive job analysis and literature review. Additionally, the Police Selection Test validation can be transported to your organization using a simple procedure.

In the addition to the exam, an optional study guide is available. Provision of a study guide enables motivated candidates to prepare for the exam, providing additional advantages to the department.

What it measures
  • Reading Comprehension – The ability to read, interpret, and apply various kinds of information Law Enforcement officers use on the job.
  • Interpreting Information – The ability to interpret and work with charts, tables, diagrams, and instructions.
  • Writing Skills – Basic language skills used to express an idea or describe an event clearly, such as would be required in a Law Enforcement report.
  • Verbal Reasoning – The ability to analyze information and to make valid judgments on the basis of the logical implications of this information.
  • Pattern Recognition – The ability to identify patterns in visual material.
  • Numerical Reasoning – The ability to discover patterns and principles in quantitative information.

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