Personality Type Profile

The Personality Type Profile (PTP) provides a framework for understanding individual differences and how people interact with each other as well as an exploration of their preferences, motivators and talents.

Designed to measure personality in the workplace, the Personality Type Profile (PTP) provides clear information on an individual’s preferred behavioural styles and is presented against key areas shown to be important in the working environment.

The accessible report provides insights to enhance self-awareness, understanding of others and increase personal effectiveness.This is a self-assessment questionnaire based upon the Jungian personality type model.

When to use the Personality Type Profile

To achieve sustainable personal development, it is crucial for individuals to start with an understanding of their own resources, strengths and preferred working styles. As well as assisting in self-development, understanding our own personality style in relation to others supports effective communication and teamwork. It is through this understanding that we can leverage similarities and differences to create collaborative and trusted working relationships.

Use PTP to:

  • Create positive working cultures
  • Improve team relationships and compatibility
  • Facilitate conflict handling
  • Enhance accurate and balanced decision making
  • Help identify and manage stress
  • Enhance communication and understanding

PTP is an ideal companion to the Emotional Intelligence Profile and is a great aid in coaching, career development and team building.

We also have the PTP Collaboration tool, ideal for improving relationships
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Key features include:
  • Quick and easy to complete online
  • User-friendly but detailed report highlighting behavioural style, decision making style, learning style, and personality under pressure
  • Clear summary of strengths and how to maximise them
  • Clear summary of areas of potential and how to develop these
  • Explanation of why certain behaviours may come more naturally, and why others are more difficult to learn

The Personality Type Profile is based upon the Jungian personality type model and provides information on one of the 16 personality types as defined by Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs.

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Why choose the Personality Type Profile?

The PTP has a strong track record of providing development for all levels of employees, from entry level through to board level. The versatile report provides a clear developmental pathway, with practical information that is directly transferable to the working environment. Speak with one of our experts to find out how we can help you.

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