Leadership Climate Indicator 360 (LCI360)

Creating a positive leadership climate is crucial for organisational performance. Measuring climate using the Leadership Climate Indicator 360 gives you powerful data to inform leadership development, culture change or coaching programmes.

Drawing upon our expertise as global leaders in applied Emotional Intelligence, the Leadership Climate Indicator 360 (LCI360) enables leaders to answer the question “how does it feel to be led by me?”

Measuring and developing an organisation’s climate is invaluable, as positive workplace climates lead to higher performance, engagement and well-being. More specifically, when leaders exhibit “thrive” behaviours, they generate a positive climate where people feel inspired, motivated and challenged to move out of their comfort zones and perform at their best.

The LCI360 is the 360 degree feedback version of our Leadership Climate Indicator survey, and simply and efficiently enables leaders to collect feedback from people they work with to understand the leadership climate they create.

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Using the LCI360 can help you to:
  • Identify leadership behaviours that are either contributing to or hindering high performance
  • Cultivate a leadership climate that will create a culture of sustainable high performance
  • Provide leaders with feedback about the climate they create
  • Enables individual leaders and leadership teams to identify the impact they have on their employees
  • Build openness and trust
  • Enhance employee engagement Enable targeted L&D and leadership development strategies
What is Leadership Climate and how do we measure it?

Leadership climate is the emotional tone set or climate created by leaders within the work environment. The LCI 360 helps leaders to understand how it feels to be led by them and the impact that this has on their direct reports, peers and other stakeholders that they work with closely. As with any 360, leaders complete the questionnaire as well as their selected raters.

The LCI model is unique in that it measures 12 aspects of leadership climate vital for employee and organisational performance. These are divided into:

  • six scales across two positive quadrants – Inspiring and Including
  • six scales across two negative quadrants – Controlling and Withdrawing

LCI 360 diagram

Key features of the LCI 360 include:
  • A simple and easy to understand report, the LCI360 Individual Report, that clearly shows how a leader’s self-ratings compared to the perceptions of others
  • The LCI360 Group Report shows the average ratings of a group of leaders that have undergone the LCI 360
  • Qualitative comments gathered from respondents
  • Impact items that identify how the leader’s climate affects performance, well-being and engagement

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