Hilson Life Adjustment Profile (HLAP)

Measures specific psychological characteristics that may affect a person’s ability to function in a high-risk occupation

The Hilson Life Adjustment Profile (HLAP™) identifies symptoms related to emotional adjustment disorders, such as depression, paranoia, anxiety, concerns about health and/or suicidal tendencies, are identified.

The HLAP also includes items relating to an individual’s actual involvement in activities, social support network, and overall level of functioning.

Applications in the Safety and Security sector include conditional-offer selection and fitness for duty.

What it Measures

Key Scales

HLAP Content Areas – Lack of Candor; Lack of Social Network; Lack of Family Support; Low Activity Level; Anxiety; Concerns about Health; Obsessive-Compulsive Personality; Paranoid Ideation; Suicidal/Depressed Thoughts; Critical Events; and Lack of Satisfaction with Life
Factor 1 – Emotional Adjustment Difficulties/Psychopathology
Factor 2 – Recent Activity Level/General Functioning
Overall Total

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