The Hilson Background Investigation Inventory-Revised

Aids in the identification of “high-risk” candidates with antisocial behavior patterns and/or job-related difficulties

The HBI-R questionnaire is a combination of the Inwald Survey 2, Inwald Survey-5 Revised, and Hilson Safety/Security Risk Inventory. (If you wish to exclude items relative to “Domestic Difficulties”, order the Hilson Background Inventory (HBI).

The HBI-R is used for pre-offer screening in many states. However, in certain states, counties, and municipalities, this test may need to be administered as a conditional-offer assessment. Please check the legal requirements in your area for confirmation.

What it Measures

Key Scales

Frustration/Anger Patterns
Risk-Taking/Reckless Behavior
Reckless Driving/Safety Patterns
Antisocial Behaviors
Domestic Concerns
Integrity Concerns
Lack of Temper Control
Lack of Social Sensitivity
Work Difficulties

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