Firefighter Selection Test

Measures mechanical comprehension, reading comprehension and report interpretation

The Firefighter Selection Test is a 150-minute test that is 1/3 of the PSI Firefighter Selection System (FSS). The FSS consists of three job-related instruments that can be used together or separately: The Firefighter Selection Test, Firefighter Learning Simulation, and the Work Orientation Survey.

What it Measures

Three key knowledge content:

Mechanical Comprehension is the knowledge of various mechanical principles that are relevant to the job of firefighters.

Reading Comprehension is the ability to read a passage and answer a question which reflects understanding of the content of the passage. The passages in the test were taken from actual firefighter training materials.

Report Interpretation assesses the ability to read charts and reports concerning fire department data and interpret the information correctly.

The Firefighter Selection Test is a copyright and mark owned by PSI Services LLC.

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